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Intro to Elvis

  Since I was big enough to pull a chair up to the stove and counter to stand on, I was at it in the kitchen. Cooking was always what made my house my home growing up. It brought the family together – so what came out of it was serious business in our home in the early 70’s during my eight-year run as a child. I was taking out library books in the 1st and...

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Mushroom Chops

    Ah, what an absolute treat these beauties are when they come to town! Abalone mushrooms when prepared right are divine! It isn’t a shroom you’ll see regularly with perhaps the exception if you live on the west coast, USA, or Asia. They’ve a concentrated amount of protein and other goodies. They don’t come cheap unless you find them on some old wood log in the forest! However just one can whip up about...

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Eldercare Press Releases

Being a caregiver can go unnoticed as only caregivers can identify as being unsung heroes.  The degrees in which one cares varied greatly.  Some may have great tasks for severely disabled bodies such as myself in which every aspect of a person getting on in a day requires assistance from getting out of bed, everything you can think of that you must do in a day to function and be productive, to being help getting...

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Sweet and Tangy Tempeh Strips

                                      What a tasty and filling meal my mom just loves to finish off! “Is it good mom?” “Mmmmmhmm!!” A simple and inexpensive meal for noon through evening mealtime!   Tempeh is a fermented form of soy which is more true to its original form of bean which makes its nutritional content deliver like a champ! This...

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Death To Cannibalism!

I have been doing my best to live and let live isn’t that what folks call allowing people to live free of judgement, respecting another’s existence, space, life, right? I saw the tears stream from a cow’s eyes Saturday knowing it was about to be zapped and gutted. It could smell, hear, taste, and feel, just like you and I can, death in front of it. It’s sense of danger caused it to defecate profusely...

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Is Fishing Lesser of Two Evils?

Fishing is a watered down version of hunting only the hunter doesn’t have the moment of arousal and getting off as the land hunter because the look they find priceless of the victim’s eyes once seized cannot be seen from above the water. The immediate blood is washed away so that by the time the fish is captured unlike the mess land hunting spews, there is less of a karmic crime scene to contend with...

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Message to My Readers

Welcome everyone! Give me a week or so to update and add my latest recipes and articles as well as additional headers and photos etc. I’m excited to finally utilize my L.O.V.E. Blog! Leave a note or sign your name to let me know you made it over? Here is where you’ll be kept up to date on my books release dates and my YouTube channels I’m about to launch on vegan eating, and elder...

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The Bend in the Road

The beauty of life is what awaits around the roads’ bends. The threshold is also a beautiful place to be. In it, the seed begins to sprout in the stiff, cold, dark unknown of the soil. As when the pain of the alcohol stings in the wound or a female in the birthing state. The times we are in, all these things, are that bend. How beautiful is the ray of light ahead of us! ~ Elvis LivingOnVeganEnergy!™🌱

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Mark Dillon’s Plant-Based Conversation with Elvis

This conversation was originally posted on Mark Dillon’s website (http://markdillon.com/living-on-vegan-energy-with-elvis-gardin/). I really enjoyed giving this interview!  I must However, correct a mis-truth which has stayed with me since I heard the edited finished podcast. I have not been a vegan for decades.  Many of you who have known me a long time can attest to this.  The original interview ran two hours vs one hour in which I shared a lot of information with the...

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Ladybug / Manbug’s Message to Elvis

This little luck bugger landed on my chest around 4:30ish this am and would    not leave me! I’m in bed here and I feel something tickling me. Flying off my chest to my arm into my hands and moving up my sleeve, hopping onto my face for an hour without let up! Then sits on my heart for over 10 minutes without moving! The room was pitch black so I couldn’t take pics but...